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A running diary of listening to Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’

The Life of Pablo finally came out Saturday night. I had to listen to it ASAP. So here’s how it happened in my brain. 1. “Ultra Light Beam” IT’S ACTUALLY HERE! I can hear the kids bickering through my headphones. I’m so happy to finally be taken to church with this buttery smooth gospel choir […]

Kanye West Yeezy Season 3 Model Rules, Ranked

The most important ranking of our times, only behind ordering every classless move Cam Newton did last season that greatly upset old white sportswriters. (Note: none of these rules apply to Naomi Campbell. Or Young Thug.)

Kanye West album tracks, ranked

Why, Gawker? Why?

Yeezy taught me

If I meet someone new, I try to bring up Kanye West as soon as possible for a couple reasons. One, he’s such a divisive figure whom people absolutely abhor because he seems like an asshole. It’s fun to gauge people’s reactions to him. His public behavior could definitely be described as assholeish. What kind […]