This post was originally published on Medium. Snappa is a game well equipped for 9 a.m. kickbacks: It’s relatively passive and demands downing around a pint of beer per game. Points are allocated as follows: One point if the die hits the table and bounces off, and an opponent doesn’t catch it with one hand; […]

IS THIS BLOG PRESCIENT?: Hardly! PREVIOUS NO. 1: “Blank Space” — Taylor Swift WHAT’S THE SONG’S DEAL?: Mark Ronson’s been in the production racket for a while, being one of the mastermind’s behind Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven,” a shamelessy catchy Police-esque cut as Bruno begs his missus for more sex. Calling this song Police-esque requires you […]


No, I’m not using THAT image.

Why, Gawker? Why?

Why discuss serious things, from sexual assault to alcohol abuse, when it’s so much easier to cope by laughing them off?

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