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Your move, chief

A tribute to Robin Williams in "Good Will Hunting."

‘Purple Rain’ turns 30

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here 2 get through this thing called a questionably made, terrible, unintentionally entertaining movie … and life.

Smarten up, Will: ‘Shut Up and Play The Hits’

This will be a new series in which I watch/listen/read a piece of media — old or new — for the first time and write about it. The title is paraphrased from an order Jay-Z gave to Nas in “Takeover.” Exciting, I know! I first encountered LCD Soundsystem through Burning Man. Well, not ACTUALLY attending Burning […]

Crowe’s ‘Almost Famous’ Characters Succumb to Temptation

All right, this is kind of cheating. I had to pen this for a class last year. But I liked the result, so I cleaned it up a bit and threw it up on here. Sue me. Few directors have a more interesting résumé than Cameron Crowe does. The former Rolling Stone writer turned auteur […]