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NOTE: Spoilers for both seasons of “House of Cards” follow. “The only thing more satisfying than convincing someone to do what I want is failing to persuade them on purpose.” -Frank Underwood Hype. So much hype surrounded one of Netflix’s first  and most significant entrants to original programming . Once, the company stocked ads in […]

“And you remember… you’re a sports guy.” -High school year book signature from a senior classmate Four years ago, I didn’t know what I was doing. That argument could be made now to a lesser degree, but four years ago, I was really just unsure of what I wanted to do with school and life. […]

When I was seven, I saw John Elway giving a sideline interview during Monday Night Football. He was hurt. As my favorite player on my favorite team, I decided to write him a letter, wishing him well. Obviously, my words of encouragement would expedite his recovery, and he would come back stronger than ever to […]


This will be a new series in which I watch/listen/read a piece of media — old or new — for the first time and write about it. The title is paraphrased from an order Jay-Z gave to Nas in “Takeover.” Exciting, I know! I first encountered LCD Soundsystem through Burning Man. Well, not ACTUALLY attending Burning […]

almost famous

All right, this is kind of cheating. I had to pen this for a class last year. But I liked the result, so I cleaned it up a bit and threw it up on here. Sue me. Few directors have a more interesting résumé than Cameron Crowe does. The former Rolling Stone writer turned auteur […]

Kanye at Lollapalooza Chile 2011 (Super 45 | Música Independiente/Creative Commons)

If I meet someone new, I try to bring up Kanye West as soon as possible for a couple reasons. One, he’s such a divisive figure whom people absolutely abhor because he seems like an asshole. It’s fun to gauge people’s reactions to him. His public behavior could definitely be described as assholeish. What kind […]

Warning: There are some spoilers to the Breaking Bad finale and some, but less, for The Shield. I watch a lot of TV, so much so that I may will be a founding member of whatever inevitable 12-step program develops for late-night binge watching. What? Tony is about to whack a guy in his crew? Sorry, […]

As to not bury the lede, you probably have this question in mind: What’s with the name? It’s kind of aggressive and makes me feel uncomfortable and now I’m closing this and gone forever. No! Please don’t! I can explain. In case you didn’t know, in the time before viral videos were a thing, following […]

Fredette during his BYU days (Levlavr/Wikimedia Commons).

The Jimmer is an elusive creature, deftly mo — wait. Sorry. Pump the brakes. That’s not true at all. Sorry for almost lying to you. Any positive attribute describing Fredette’s aptitude to fluidly move on the hardwood is just wrong. Jimmer Fredette is many things. Athletic is not one of these things, as exhibited by […]

Radiohead playing at The O2 Arena in London. (Creative Commons/LittleO2)

I used to suck. Or you can make the argument that I still do, but I’d counter the degree to which I suck is less than it was, say, four years ago (post your opinion in the comments). Four years ago pits me one month into my collegiate career at Cal Poly in San Luis […]


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